Sunday, May 31, 2009

Problem of the Day

Do I keep my wine club memberships or do I cancel them? I did cancel one of them... but I have two more that I'm debating about. It's about $50 every other month, plus shipping. I imagine shipping will be more expensive in SoCal then in NorCal.

Wine Club Pro's:

- Wine is good.

- I can't get those wines in SoCal.

- I like wine.

- SoCal wineries depress me... it's not that they're not good, just not as good as NorCal. I need my Amador wines!

Wine Club Cons

- I'm unemployed, which means I'm broke. Now is not the time to charge to the credit card.

- My parents stock a full bar at the house, so it's not like there isn't any booze in the house.

- If I have to activate Plan Z (, then I need to slim down. Wine=calories.

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