Monday, June 1, 2009

Packing Isn't Fun

Countdown to moving back to Ramona is in full swing. While I don't know the exact date I'm moving, I know that my apartment must be completely vacated by June 26, so moving will be sometime before then.

Yesterday I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy storage containers and packing items. I got a few boxes of space bags for my clothes, a bunch of containers, and a nifty little device called "Shoes Under." I can fit 12 pairs of shoes in each shoe under, and I bought two of them. I'm not sure if that will hold all my shoes, but we'll see.

One thing I learned at Bed, Bath, and Beyond is that everyone has their own problems. While shopping in the storage section, there was a lady on the phone yelling at her husband. She was probably in her late 20's/early 30's. Then she called her friend to complain about her husband. Then, she turned to me (as I was trying to find a lid to a plastic container that wasn't broken, talk about quality products!) and started complaining to me about her husband and how he doesn't understand why she has so many shoes and how it's causing problems int he marriage.

Uh... lady, there are bigger problems out there then not having enough shoe storage.

She said men don't understand anything. I had to agree. I didn't elaborate, of course. But those of you who know my dating history know that I can write an entire blog on commitment and other men/relationship issues. But that's another blog for another day. Another day that includes a box of wine and several dateless months, but I digress...

I simply smiled and nodded. I should've pointed her to the "Shoe Under" display, but didn't want to get into it with her. She didn't seem the type who was looking for advice and I wasn't in the mood to give out free words of wisdom.

So, this weekend I went through all my clothes and set aside all the clothes and shoes I don't want and will be donating them to the Good Will. When was the last time you went through all your clothes? I swear, it's like going through a time warp.

Also, I have officially spaced bagged some of the clothes I have that do not fit. Actually, these clothes haven't really fit in four years, and I debated whether or not to put them in the Good Will pile. I put some of the unfashionable ones in there, but there are really cute dresses I'm keeping, and I am dieting and cutting back, so this space bag is kind of like a hope bag. Hopefully by the end of summer they'll fit.

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