Monday, June 22, 2009

Fitness for the Unemployed

It's been a bit since I've last blogged. I've been super busy the first week that I've been back... you know, hanging out with my parents, riding horses, swimming in the pool, unpacking, going to happy hour, and job hunting. Now that I've gotten through that tough transition week, I decided that the week was to begin on a positive note. And that meant working out and getting serious about dieting.

A few months ago I had decided to join Gold's Gym. It was right by my old place, so it was super convenient. I paid the entire year in full because it was a significant savings. And I figured if it was paid for, I'd make myself go.

Fast forward to me being unemployed and moving back to Ramona. Gold's Gym would not refund my money, and the closest Golds Gyms near me are 45 minutes (without traffic) away.

Those of you who know me well know that working out is not on my list of favorite things to do. Now add a 45 minute drive to the mix and see if I'm gonna be going often. No, I don't think so. And since I'm unemployed and on "welfare," buying another gym membership is out of the question.

So, I decided that I need to do some sort of free exercise. Riding horses and swimming is a good start, but my fabulous cousin, Sara, and I decided that hiking was the way to go and decided to hike Mt. Woodson this morning.

I've never hiked Mt. Woodson before, and when I told my sister that I was going to do it she laughed uncontrollably. "Call me when you're done. No, actually, have Mom call me when you're done."

I arrived at Mt. "What the Hell Was I Thinking" this morning at 9 am. My cousin was waiting for me and we began out trek up the mountain. Thankfully there was a breeze and it wasn't too hot.

I have one word to describe the trail : STEEP.

When Sara and I get together, it is usually an occasion of gossip and laughing. However, this time, I was dying all the way up, and we had to stop every few minutes to catch our breath. It was seriously that steep and tough!

Let's just say that we didn't make it all the way.

But we made it a good portion.

We finished a steep bend and rested on some rocks.

"By summer's end, we'll make it all the way to the top!" Sara said.

"Uhhh...." I said, gasping for air.

"We'll laugh at this in a few months," she continued. "It'll get easier! And to sweeten the pot, I'll take you out for drinks the day we make it to the top of the Mountain."

I perked up. Booze.

"For reals?" I said, my heart rate returning to normal.


"But this means we'll really have to work at this," I said. "We can't expect to gain stamina for this place by hiking once in awhile."

"Let's hike Mt. Woodson once a week. And then another, less steep trail another day of the week."

"Sounds good to me!"

So, Sara and I will be hiking twice a week. Once on Mt. Crazy, and the other on a trail that she says "has hills, but not a continuous steepness."

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