Monday, June 8, 2009


Housewives are fabulous woman who for one reason or another stay at home (taking care of the house, and children if they have any) while their husbands are at work.

Now that I'm unemployed and staying at home all day, I'm basically a housewife without a husband or kids. I think that makes me a "HouseSingle."

HouseSingles have it made. Usually there are not kids, and you get to stay home. And, you don't have a husband to complain that you didn't go to work. Granted, HouseSingles like myself do have to deal with their parents (or roommates, as I like to refer to them).

But, HouseSingles don't have a husband's income to depend on. No worries, though. Nanny Government has me covered. On I Love Lucy (which conveniently still runs on TV during the day), Ricky Ricardo used to give Lucy an allowance, and now Nanny Government gives me an "allowance." So, it's almost the same thing.

Back in the day, when women didn't work, a woman who was a HouseSingle was referred to as a Spinster. Now, I much prefer the term HouseSingle to spinster. And since I'm beginning to edge closer to thirty without any husband prospects, the term spinster gets scarier and scarier.

Note that I do not own a cat. Well, we have a family cat (her name is Gwen), but she lives in the barn and minds her own business.

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