Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movers and Shakers

I've decided to dish out the cash to have movers come and get my things and take them to my parent's house in Ramona. It actually doesn't cost very much more than if my parents were to drive all the way up here, rent a large U-haul, and then drive back.


- I don't have to schlep furniture up and down the stairs. Physical labor and I don't get along. Come on now.
- All I really have to do is pack.
- The movers will come and pick everything up, drive the 8 hours, and then unload everything.
- Costs about the same as if we were to do it ourselves.
- I won't be fighting with my parents as we load/unload everything. Trust me... that in itself is worth the money!


-None that I can think of, unless of course they take my stuff and disappear. Which they promise they wont. Yes, I asked.

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