Thursday, June 18, 2009

Housewife University - Apprentice Program

I know of a lot of people who are either thinking about going back to school or are in the process of getting their Master's degrees.

Not one to be outdone by my peers, I have recently enrolled in the prestigious Apprentice Program at Housewife University, pursuing my Masters in Domestic Engineering (MDE).

Housewife U is going great so far. The program allows you to shadow a professional so you can learn first-hand about this profession.

So far, I've gotten a passing score in Dishes 101. My professor, Dr. Mom, showed me how to properly load the dishwasher, and wipe the counter tops clean. I hear that she's the toughest grader out there... so imagine my surprise this morning when I actually got a passing grade.

Tomorrow, I'm taking "Jam Making and Canning 105." Dr. Mom's neighbor has a peach tree, and gave us a bucket full of peaches. Tomorrow's lesson is making jam and canning. This could be useful if I take a liking to the gardening portion of the program.

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