Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sacramento: The Character Building Years

As my time in Sactown comes to a close, I can't help but think back about what has transpired over the past four years.

I arrived in Sacramento four years ago. Young, naive, and in love. I had never lived without my parent's support, and this was the first time I was officially out on my own. I had decided to take a chance on love, and moved up here for... gasp... a man. Silly girl. Oh, sweet, silly girl with stars in her eyes.

Graduating from college and trying to find a job in a city where I had no contacts or friends was tough, but I was lucky enough to find a great first job - and I'll be forever thankful for the wonderful opportunity. In fact, minus the layoff, Sacramento was good for me, career-wise. Thanks, Sactown.

If I could go back in time to talk to 22 year old Deana as she was making the decision to move to Sacramento, I would say this:

DV 26: Young Deana, you're crazy. Stay home and be a good girl.

DV 22: Is that a grey hair I see?

DV 26: Yes, and never mind that.

DV 22: What is Sacramento like?

DV 26: It's not bad. You hate traffic, so this is a good place for you. Rent is cheap, too, compared with SoCal.

DV 22: Should I buy that condo with "You Know Who?" (I won't name names of the guilty in this blog! That's saved for the other blog... the one I only write when I'm drinking.)

DV 26: I forget that you're living in 2005, and the housing boom is in full swing. Hard as it is to believe, the market is going to crash soon. Don't buy. Especially in August of 2005. Don't do it!!

DV 22: Whatever, what do you know? This market is never going to crash. "You Know Who" and I just qualified for a loan - even though I don't even have a job - and we don't have to put anything down. We've already got our deposit in, so we're going to buy that condo, damn it. We're not even going to negotiate, because if we waiver, there are 5 people behind us who'll snatch it up. Got to act fast in this market, baby. If we wait, the next place we find will be even more expensive and we'll be priced out for good.

DV 26: Shouldn't you wait to buy something until you're engaged? I HIGHLY suggest it. HIGHLY. In fact, don't move in together until you have more of a commitment. Seriously.

DV 22: "You Know Who" promises we'll be engaged by our anniversary. If not, I'm leaving him. But we're so in love and I know he will. I might as well start planning the wedding. If not, we'll just sell the condo. By that time, it should have appreciated nicely and we'll make a bunch of money. No harm, no foul.

DV 26: You see this grey hair?

DV 22: How could I not. How come you don't have highlights anymore?

DV 26: Highlights are too expensive. You'll find that out when your parents are no longer supporting you. And when you find yourself single and 100% on your own.

DV 22: Uh... girl. Why are you single? What happened to "You Know Who."

DV 26: You'll find out soon enough. Two words for you: Cougargate 2007.

DV 22: Whatever. So, like, what else should I know before I leave for Sacramento?

DV 26: You'll make some good friends up there, and it's important to always be thankful. Always remember your family is there for you and loves you. Friends and family will pull you through the hard times. Also, driving in the rain isn't so bad. You'll get used to it.

DV 22: You're looking pretty tan and relaxed. And why do you smell like whisky?

DV 26: That's because I'm back in San Diego and unemployed.

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